What’s the Meaning of all This?

We’re about to hit the ground running full speed and investigate life’s biggest philosophical question: What is the Meaning of Life? Before we can explore this, we must ask, are you willing to be completely honest with yourself to explore this further?

If you’re willing to be truly honest about where you are within this process, if you are willing to look deep into your soul and expose your greatest fears and your inmost insecurities, it is my belief that you’ll be able to confront these questions authentically and will be prepared to explore the true meaning of life.

Have you ever thought about what makes you happy or what has meaning in your life? Is it your career, or perhaps is it money? Is it material objects or your next vacation? Is it the next promotion or planning your next career move? Could it be drugs, alcohol, or pornography? All of these things have commonalities; they come from self and we give them our own value and personal meaning in order to fill a void, but ultimately they continue to fall short of what we’re longing for.

Think of yourself as an IPhone and each of these ‘valued’ aspects in your life as the software that you continue to download and update. At face value your software downloads begin to fill up your available memory and after sometime, new, and often improved software becomes available and you proceed to update to the next best thing. This task perpetuates itself, always upgrading, always filling “space” but never finding ultimate satisfaction or total meaning with each new download – why is that? How is this reminiscent of our lives and the personal meaning we give to the meaning of life?

As aspects of our lives have personal meaning, our lives also have an intended meaning. Unlike the personal meaning we attach to things, we as individuals can’t define our lives or give meaning to it because as Andy Steiger reminds us, “no one created himself or herself into existence”.

Consider our smartphone analogy again. The smartphone was created for a purpose… we know this because its purpose is shared with us in every advertisement. If something breaks down with the device, we can reference technical support on their webpage or in the manual. We trust these things to be true, often without question.

The question we explore today is, if persons are able to give things meaning, why can’t we give our own lives meaning?

The issue with our inability to discover the true meaning and purpose of our lives is because we refuse to consider the truth – that the answers of our intended meaning come from the Author of Life itself, Jesus Christ. Jesus says, “for this reason I was born, and for this reason I came into this world, to testify to the truth.” John 18:37.

I understand that the implications of acknowledging our Creator are both frightening, and yet so beautiful. It is challenging, near impossible even, to relinquish control and admit that you in fact are not the God of your own life and to concede that you might not have it all together, but do this we must, if we are to ever find the true meaning of life. These are stark contrasts to the world we live in, a world that bombards you with all kinds of ‘ hollow and deceptive’ philosophies and tells you that you are in control, that you are in the driver’s seat of your own life, yet in Him we know these are lies.

As we continue this journey I encourage you to begin to consider that next software update and to reflect on what the world is presenting you as truth.




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