What exactly is this about? What am I doing and what is my objective?

I made the choice over a year and a half ago to follow Jesus Christ and it’s been an astonishing journey and one that has forever changed the shape of my life. This blog doesn’t exist as a way to preach the Gospel to you, this blog exists as I am taking a formal Christian Apologetics course (apologetics being the art of respectfully reasoning and defending with logical evidence as to why I believe what I believe is real). I have chosen to undertake this course to further grow in my faith with the objective of learning how to have meaningful conversations with individuals of all walks of life who have questions, are seeking answers, or simply trying to refute or rebuff against the Gospel. It is an undertaking I feel compelled to take because He has changed my life.

With that, here is my brief testimony. As I moved through my rebellious teenage years and into my early adult life I sought to place meaning in being a Financial Advisor. My goal was simply to become a successful entrepreneur with a focus on earning as much money as my will would permit. I succeeded in parts. I looked the part, I spoke the part, I had the knowledge and the drive but something wasn’t right. Looking back in time and having hindsight, I took an idea and created an identity to satisfy my own desires until the point where I was no longer satisfied, I needed more. It was like a drug, a constant high to chase what I viewed as the meaning to life. After years of chasing after the wind I began to question my purpose. My identity was rooted in trying to be this person who I was in fact far from. It made me a not so pleasant son, a dishonest friend, a failed partner, and a money hungry business person and I began to have an identity crisis. As I begun moving outside of this box I didn’t know where to go or where to turn… this self manufactured life was all that I knew.

There are many salient details imbedded within this story that you will not know unless you are closest to me, but what ensued was an inertia of momentum that had been building up over the course of time that caused this beautiful reveal. At this point I want you to know something: I didn’t need something to put my hope in for hopes sake, I didn’t need something to put my faith in for faith’s sake, I didn’t need something to put my trust in for trust’s sake. I didn’t need to create meaning in any of these characteristics,  Meaning found me. This is where I can empathize with those of you reading who are thinking “this guy drank the proverbial Kool-aid”. On the contrary, I met the Guy who created the guy, who created the Kool-aid and He has experientially changed my life.

Finally, do you think about the meaning of your life, or perhaps do you try not to? What do you believe and what does it imply? Whatever your stance, I invite you to engage with me on Facebook and Twitter as I pursue studying the answers to  life’s biggest questions – Meaning, God, Religion, Evil and Death and how God interacts within them.


A few notes: This platform exist to provide insight and have respectful conversations, should anyone use vulgar language or attempt to discredit or be disingenuous to another individual you will be asked to refrain from participating and or removed from further posts. If you have personal questions or would like to remain anonymous to public forums please message me directly on Facebook or Twitter or through email as linked to this blog.  




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